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I'll Be Gone - Forever


Was it mere coincidence?
Or it's just my ignorance.
Was it an illusion?
A part of my delusions?
Was I lost in the middle of the sea?
Or you just set me free?
You seem overjoyed,
Yet I'm so annoyed.
Is this selfishness?
Or I just can't endure the loneliness.
Both serves true, I guess?
There nothing more I can suggest.
This thing I'm holding to,
Had been rusting in these hands of two.
I wonder till when I'll be able to,
Hold it like this and not let it go.
Unfathomably, inevitably all will turn to dust.
It's like this, everything won't last.
Bidding goodbye is such pain.
That drops continuously like the rain.
The storm will come,
It'll be the day.
I'll be gone.
I'll be gone - forever.

Poet: Raiyan Asaral
Copyright © 2013 Raiyan Asaral

read: 1244 times Rating: Date: 21 February, 2013

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Comments On I'll Be Gone - Forever


By resley dela 27 Feb, 2013
was I lost in the middle of the sea?
or you just set me free?

I just love how this put in rhymed yet means superbly.Poem has full of emotion.

By sylvia hernandez 21 Feb, 2013
Love sometimes set us apart from everything.

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